Familia Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina Corporation

IGNITE: Our Strategic Ways Towards Continuous Social Development

For more than 200 years in the Republic of the Philippines, the Sauza family of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico and Berenguer de Marquina family of Alicante, Spain and presently through their descendants have proven and shown to the world the great importance of family unity and family reaching out to others to help build better communities which we call social responsibility. We don't just mean business. We also convey care.

We simply want to do something better for the society with YOU. We are also working for various projects and programs in various places for the primary concerns of humanity such as child labor, cultural understanding, differently-abled, domestic violation, education, environment, gender acceptance and understanding, health, legal aid, vocational training and violation of Human Rights. Kindly click Be Our Project Sponsor.

Moreover, as part of the wide field of our expertise, we also give globally competitive and competent  lectures and seminars on leadership training and team building, effective event organizing, media and financial education, public relations consultancy, powerful corporate and human relations  to various corporations, institutions and communities. 

If you need our help, we guarantee you our 100% competent and competitive services that will boost higher and higher your healthy teamwork in your working areas globally speaking.

I = mplementing programs / programs for the social development and responsibility of an individual and of a community

G = iving support to the activity of any group, an organization, a movement or a company that doesn't contradict the Familia Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina Codes of Missions

N = etworking of organizations that leads to the strengthening of human formation for world peace and inter-racial unity

I = nvesting globally effective competence and competitiveness through financial education for sustainable social entrepreneurship and inter-market businesses

T= eaching programs / projects for the promotion and protection of the importance of Human Rights

E = mpowering people from all walks of life to unite as one and to herald relevant formation for ecumenical unity, cultural respect and environmental protection beyond racial & geographical diversities 

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