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We are the descendants of the couple Don Santiago Sauza Y DELOR RIOS also known as Papa Tiago  or LORD JAMES OF MARIQUINA (23 April 1777, Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico – 25 December 1880 Intramuros, Manila, Philippines) and Doña Ysabel Berenguer de Marquina y Sumulong also known as Mama Abe and LADY ELIZABETH OF MARIQUINA  and LADY DOWAGER OF SAUZA-BERENGUER DE MARQUINA (19 November 1790, Cagsawa, Albay, Philippines – 30 January 1900, Banwa, Batan, Capiz, (presently Aklan), Philippines) who lived at Hacienda Sauza-Berenguer de Marquina, Pueblo de Marikina (presently Marikina City), Republic of the Philippines. Below is our 92nd Las Familias Unidas, our annual family reunion after 70 years. The 1st Las Familias Unidas happened on 25 December 1850 at Hacienda Sauza-Berenguer de Marquina, Pueblo de Marikina (presently Marikina City), Provincia De Tondo, Las Islas Filipinas and the 91st Las Familias Unidas was held at Bacolod, Negros Oriental, Republic of the Philippines on 25 December 1941 hosted by Demetrio Sauza y Mendoza and wife Cornelia Palmos. In 1942, there was no Las Familias Unidas because of the huge damage and great danger of Word War II in the Philippines. To know us more about, kindly click LAS FAMILIAS UNIDAS.

From The Cheerful Tequila Sunrise: Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico was the prominent home of the Mexican-Indian Sauza siblings namely:

1.      Doña Maria Guadalupe SAUZA who married Don Fidel Solis y Buenviaje of Asturias, Spain who were the ancestors of the Solises, the Luzes, the  Katigbaks of Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines and of Segunda Katigbak, the first love of Dr. José Protacio Rizal, the National Hero of the Republic of the Philippines,

2.      Don Santiago Sauza who married Doña Ysabel Berenguer de Marquina y Sumulong of Albay,  Binondo and Antipolo, Philippines

3.       Don Emmanuel Sauza who married Lady Sarah McKeen of Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA,

4.        Don Hilario Sauza who married Doña Margarita Navarro y Madrigal of Jalisco, Mexico who were the ancestors of the makers of the world famous Sauza Tequila and of Tequila Fortaleza,

5.        Padre Juan Francisco Sauza, a Franciscan priest and

6.        Madre Maria Consolación Sauza, an Augustinian nun. 


Don Santiago Sauza y Delos Rios, a Spanish-Mexican Indian navigator was the 22nd  gobernadorcillo in 1809 and the 7th  alcalde capitan in 1828 of pueblo de Marikina (presently Marikina City), Philippines. He was one of the founders of the first paper mill in the Philippines in 1825. He was one of the good friends of Joseph Bonaparte or King Joseph I of Spain.

Doña Ysabel Berenguer de Marquina y Sumulong, a blue-blooded lady form the Royal and Noble House of the FitzGeralds of Ireland, was the only child of Doña Demetria Sumulong y Lindo (21 June 1772, Antipolo, Philippines – 01 February 1814, Cagsawa, Albay, Philippines) also known as Metyang, a Chinese-Japanese-Indian-English-Malay-Dumagat blooded lady and of Señor Felix Berenguer de Marquina y Fitzgerald (20 November 1736, Alicante, Spain - 10 October 1826, Alicante, Spain) who was married to Maria Ansoategui y Barron in 1758. 

She was baptized on 25 December 1790 at a Franciscan church in Cagsua, Albay, The Philippines. Though she was illegitimate by birth, her mother Metyang who was 18 years old by that time never took the plan to abort her because of illegitimacy instead she was born in the vast green fields of Cagsawa, Albay, Philippines. Mama Abe had unique and interesting ancestries both paternal and maternal. She was the 23rd great granddaughter of Her Royal Highness Nest Ferch Rhys, the Princess of Deuhebarth now Wales and of Gerald de Windsor. Her family line and descendants are recorded and kept by the Berenguer de Marquina-FitzGerald relatives in Bristol, United Kingdom and from Madrid, Spain.

Nest first spouse was Gerald de Windsor also known as Gerald FitzWalter, the progenitor of the FitzGerald and De Barry Dynasties of Ireland and the son of Walter FitzOtho and Gwladys ferch Ryall. Her second spouse was King Henry I of England. Gerald de Windsor's father was Otho, an honorary baron at the court of King Edward the Confessor and owner of manors in five English counties. Moreover, Mama Abe was a royal blooded lady because of her FitzGerald ancestry, but in her lifetime, she never allowed herself to be treated as a royal, instead as a commoner.

Señor Felix Berenguer de Marquina y Fitzgerald (1736, Alicante, Spain-1826, Alicante, Spain) was the 55th Governor-General of the Philippines (1788-1793) and the Viceroy of New Spain (1800-1803).

Doña Ysabel Berenguer De Marquina y Sumulong and Don Santiago Sauza y Delos Rios got married on 19 November 1809 at San Francisco Church (presently Mapua Institute of Technology) in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. After their marriage, they moved to Cagsawa, Albay, Philippines and lived there for almost five years (1810-1815). They had the following children:

1.     Doña Hilaria Maria Dela Vega Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (16 December 1810, Cagsawa, Albay, Bicol, Philippines – 23 August 1913, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), a well-respected beauty queen of her time married Don Teodoro Vicente Luis Imperial y Ormaechea. Some of their descendants are the Aquinos, the Ballesteroses, the Canos, the Castils, the Chatos/Chattos, the Cojuangcos, the Diestors, the Fuenteses, the Fernandezes the Grageras, the Gils, the Getigans, the Ilejays, the Imperials, the Limoses, the Madrids, the Oppuses, the Perezes, the Piconeses, the Pueblases, the Puebloses, the Reyeses, the Silvestres, the Taoys, the Tenepereses, the Tiamsons, the Tolentinos, the Torrefancas, the Tungols, the Villamarins and the Vitors.

2.    Don Demetrio Ignacio Felipe Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (01 December 1811, Cagsawa, Albay, Philippines – 12 September 1904, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), a meticulous potter married DOÑA ANUNCIATA PIETRA Di GUIDA, Doña Maria Angeles Talip Y Revil and Doña Ygnacia Margarita Beatriz Ormaechea y Zaraspe. His other partners were SEÑORA MAGDALENA ROSA QUEYONGQUEYONGSEÑORA MARTINA RELAMPAGOS Y PILAPILSEÑORA MARIA LERA Y BORDEOUS and SEÑORA MARIA HONORATA POSAS Y BORDEOUS, ome of their descendants are the Apostaderos, the Balanons, the Bohions/Buhions, the Castils, the Chatos/Chattos, the Claretes, the Claudios, the Concepcions, the Diestros, the Grageras, the Gonzagas, the Lipios, the Manhilots, the Matafloridas, the Martoses, the Oppuses, the Pateses, the Talips, the Realistas, the Roceses, the Revils, the Roans and the Uaouaos who eventually became the Walwals.

3.        Don Francisco Antonio Salvador Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (14 October 1812, Cagsawa, Albay, Bicol, Philippines – 25 June 1910, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), an experienced blacksmith and knight and a knowledgeable fencing enthusiast married Doña Maria Rosalia Eulalia Escudero y Guanzon. Some of their descendants are the Becos/Bicos/Vicos, the Godoys, the Macatangays and the Marasigans of Lobo, Batangas, Philippines and the Posadases.

4.        Doña Restituta Maria Del Carmen Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (01 February 1814, Legazpi, Albay, Philippines – 12 January 1916, Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines), an expert embroiderer married Don Juan Noblejas (1st Husband) of Taal, Batangas, Philippines, Don Francisco Bangoy the Elder (2nd Husband) of Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines Don Enrique Quiambao (3rd Husband) of Tarlac, Philippines and Don Juan Jose Del Buenviaje De La Estrada (4th Husband) of Guanajato, Mexico and DON VICTOR PASCUAL Y DE VERA (5th Husband) of Pangasinan, The Philippines. Some of their descendants are the Eugenios, the Lontocs also spelled as Lontok, the Noblejases and the Dioknos of Taal, Batangas, Philippines, the Quiambaos of Tarlac and Pampanga, Philippines, the Bangoys of Davao City, Philippines, the Ylagans and the Ylagas of Lobo, Batangas the Silayans of Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines and the Centeneras and the Garchitorenas of Bicol, Philippines. 

5.    Padre Lorenzo Eduardo Teofilo Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (10 August 1815, Marinduque, Philippines – 31 March 1912, San Jose, Antique, Philippines) (Exhumed 12 December 1939. Reburied at San Francisco Church (presently Mapua), Intramuros, Manila, Philippines), an intelligent speaker who had relationship to the SEÑORA Maria Salviejo y Evangelista of Badoc, Ilocos Norte, The Philippines, SEÑORA TORIBIA DARAL of Baclayon, Bohol, The PhilippinesSEÑORA SIMPLICIA CARTAGENAS of Loon, Bohol, The Philippines, SEÑORA ELENA BALAT of Itbayat, Batanes, The Philippines, the sisters SEÑORA Ana Magbanua and SEÑORA Simplicia Magbanua of Antique, Philippines, SEÑORA SOLEDAD NER of Angono, Binangonan, The Philippines, SEÑORA Catalina Jalandoni of Iloilo, Philippines and SEÑORA MARIA PORTICOS of Loon, Bohol, The Philippines. Some of their descendants are the Africas, the Agabins, the Bataras, the Buhions, the Cabuleras, the Cartagenas, the Jalandonis, the Magbanuas, the Miraflors, the Moscosos, the Ners, the Pagdilaos, the Pateses, the Porticoses, the Realistas, the Revils, the Salviejos and the Tuazons.

6.        Don Xystus Amadeo Celestino Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (14 February 1816, Casa Santos, Sta. Elena, Pueblo de Mariquina, (presently Marikina City), Philippines – 26 July 1898, Binangonan, Distrito de Morong, Philippines), an adventurous navigator and a rich businessman married SEÑORA PILAR PAMINTUAN Y BONDOC and after being a widower, he married Doña Delfina Ynares y Antazo. Some of their descendants are the Aparentes, the Apostaderos, the Antazos, the Aragoncillos, the Bernardos, the Ceremoniasm, the Delos Angeleses, the Riveras, the Silayans and the Ynareses.

7.       Don Miguel Juan Santiago Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (29 September 1818, Sto. Niño, Pueblo de Mariquina (presently Marikina City), Philippines – 01 March 1925, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), a brilliant writer and a professional jeweller married Doña Matilde Tuazon y Dela PeñaSEÑORA MARIA GREGORIA TUAZON Y YUPANGCO was his partner Some of their descendants are the Andreses, the Blancos, the Carvajals, the Celestinos, the Cruzes, the De Guzmans, the Dela Cruzes, the Dizons, the Esperos, the Ledesmas, the Mallillins, the Martagons, the Miraflors, the Peñarandas, the Posadases, the Sagandoys, the Salgados, the Salamats, the Sausas, the Tolentinos, the Tunguls, the Unidads, the Sekews, the Ycays, the Varons, the Villanuevas, the Zaratans, the Zamucos, the Zausas, the Zubiagas.

8.     Don Jose Alberto Filemon Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (18 September 1819, Cagsawa, Albay, Bicol, Philippines – 23 November 1922, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), an industrious farmer married Doña Escolastica Gonzales y Del Prado (10 February 1823, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines – 12 April 1925, Angono, Rizal, Philippines). Some of their descendants are the Abanillas, the Villanuevas of Lobo, Batangas and the Belarminos of Zamboanga, Philippines.

9.     SEñORA Brigida Maria Del Cielo Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (08 October 1821, Antipolo, Philipines – 31 October 1830, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), a spinster. In the Sauza – Berenguer de Marquina family record, though they were never been lovers, her first love was Fr. Jose Apolonio Burgos y Garcia (1837-1872), one of the Bagumbayan Martyrs. Her recorded boyfriend was Don Francisco Guido of Angono whom she boxed on face because of “lie over wealth”.

10.     Doña Refugio Maria Del Rosario Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (23 May 1835 Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico – 25 August 1932, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), a coloratura soprano married Don Teodoro Guidote y Enrile y Alcedo. Some of their ancestors are the Magtibays and Dioknos of Batangas, the Fiels in the Visayas and Mindanao and the Guidotes of Bulacan, Philippines.

11.     Don Anselmo Benedicto Onofre Sauza y Berenguer de Marquina (21 April 1838, Villa Fernandina, Ilocos Norte, Philippines-19 July 1940, Angono, Rizal, Philippines), a skilled fisherman and champion swimmer, an artistic painter and an angelic tenor married Doña Aurea De Villa y Salud (1837-1855) (1st Wife) of San Juan De Bolboc, Batangas, Philippines, Doña Maria Villavicencio y Macatangay (1841-1873) (2nd Wife) of Taal Batangas, Batangas, Philippines and Doña Teodora Fiel y Sitjar (1850-1919) (3rd Wife) of Jimenez, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. Some of their descendants are the Diestros, the Jubans, the Lozos, the Layocs, the Mag-atas, the Merceds, the Saguinsins, the Sorianos, the Tamayos and the Tiamsons.

Part of the treasures of our family is the list of ancestries written and kept by our ancestors in the Philippines, excluding from Spain, Ireland, Wales and England, since 1700s to present. So far, we have 22 keepers / archivists  of the book Las Familias Unidas and the sequence of our genealogists since 1850, the year when our 1st Las Familias Unidas or annual family reunion started. The 22nd Keeper / Archivist and Genealogist is Prince Heinrich FitzGerald, the present Executive Director of the Familia Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina Corporation or FSBMC. (To know our noble works and would like to be part of them, please click the link below.)

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