Familia Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina Corporation

Would you like your recommended qualified community be part of our support?

Part of FSBMC’s missions is to help a remote community to attain its social development and responsibility through our globally competitive and competent lectures and seminars, servant leadership trainings and team buildings on certain particular issue/issues which is/are related to our Codes of Missions and What We Do.

If you would like a certain qualified community to be a beneficiary of our projects, you are very much welcome to inform and to invite us to take part on the social development and responsibility of your recommended qualified community us so that we can determine whether your recommended qualified community and its proposal on certain issue/issues fit within the FSBMC’ eligibility guidelines before we expend resources to put together a full proposal into reality.

Based on the information in your form below, FSBMC will determine if your recommended qualified community would be able to apply for beneficiary status.

We accept  applications anytime. FBMC also welcomes individuals and organizations to contact us directly and personally if they believe their  recommended  community would be a good candidate for beneficiary status. We also consider applications from individuals and organizations that have been referred to us by current or registering participants. 

Once FSBMC decides to move forward with a new beneficiary based on your application below. we expect the individual and organization to complete their application in a timely manner and provide the required documentation immediately. To know both sides of the line, we recommend contacting your chosen qualified community before suggesting them to FSBMC.

Recommended qualified community, once accepted as FSBMC beneficiary, will receive all the necessary and relevant documentation and information via Email and surprised ocular visit from FSBMC Management Team.

Kindly fill up this form for FSBMC to know about your intention.

Kindly tell us how you learned about FSBMC.

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