Familia Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina Corporation


Any individual, corporation, group or even NGO can become our FSBMC partner for our particular project by providing us a monetary contribution and donation to support our cause. You can also advertise FSBMC on their respective website. You can also Be A Volunteer. In return, FSBCM will help our partner individual, corporation, group and NGO in the promotion of his / her and their cause, company or other related projects.  For individuals and corporations, one of your incentives as our partner is being allowed to declare your donation as a tax deduction. FSBCM hopes that this is not the only reason why individuals and corporations to donate. It is very important above all is the sharing of blessings for certain cause through FSBMC. 


Today, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society partnertships are influencing action for certain projects. FSBMC recognizes the importance of NGO activism for particulart projects. These partnerships are helping to make the world a better place to live for every race of humanity

The FSBM invites NGOs and civil society organizations to support FSBMC's projects through advocacy, education and fundraising. We believe that in unity regardless of our differences we are helping the world for certain issues such as children protection, environmental conservation, financial education, world peace, etc. Supporting FSBMC enables as well the marginalized sectors of the society from around the world to get relief from certain problems of their lives. 


Civil society voices are the keys to dramatic change for certains which the world is now experiencing. One of the most effective ways to support an FSBMC project for the common good of a society is writing to your elected officials. Raise awarness with lifesaving endeavors around the world and spread the word by supporting our missions in life. Contacting your elected officials lets them know that their constituents strongly believe global awareness on specific issues should also be a priority for the common good of the society. Fee free to read our Codes of Missions and What We Do to get more familiarize with FSBMC. 


Whether you are a leader or an employee or supporter of a corporation, NGO or group, volunteer of any civil society group or movement, a parent, or even an individual who has the burning desire to make a difference for the common good of humanity, FSBMC will help you inform your community or corporation or NGO on essential topics such as Human Rights, culture understanding, surviving poverty, gender equality, AIDS awareness, etc. We will provide a global education initiative that provides free resources to engage students as well in certain world issues.  Our programs also offer workshops that broach educators and audience on certain discussions to global education. 


FSBM deeply values its partnership with NGOs and member partner corporations, groups movements and organizations. We will work hand in hand with your NGOs and corporations, groups movements and organizations to develope a customized and long lasting partnership that suits your unique missions and helps  us creat a better world. We welcome international service-based groups, faith-based organizations, cultural, social and charitable clubs, professional associations and unions. If you represent an NGO or corporations or group or movement or organization interested in forming a partnership with FSBMC, feel free to Be Our Project Sponsor.



The Child & Me Bonding

The Child & Me Bonding (CMB), one of the projects fo FSBMC in protecting the children specifically from domestic abuses, child labor and child trafficking, lays out a comprehensive set of rights for children. It recognizes the essential role and importance of parents and families. 

The FSBM is joining with other child welfare organizations and from support of thousand of people like you. Feel free to support us by clicking Be Our Project Sponsor. We believe in the goodness of you! 

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