Familia Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina Corporation


Looking Forward with Great Hope

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Familia-Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina Corporation! 

FSBMC is a non-stock, non-profit organization lawfully recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines where the Sauza-Berenguer De Marquina descendants from every corner of the world work hand in hand to make a big difference for every community in accordance to our General Philosophy, Vision-Mission and our 12 Core Values. Kindly click our Codes of Missions.

FSBMC also benefits from the talents and gifts shared by caring volunteers and community partners, who believe that all individuals should be able to work, live in housing of their choosing, receive an education that meets their needs, access public places and spaces, receive counseling that will help them thrive, share their creative and other talents, and participate in recreation.

We encourage every one including you who read this to join us in our mission which you may choose according to your own choice. Kindly click Be Our Project Sponsor  for further details. 

The young Executive Director at Man-made Forest, Bilar, Bohol, Philippines. “Yes, we are always ready to make the world a better place to live for everyone through FSBMC!"

We do believe that regardless of age, gender preference, race, beliefs, educational backgrounds, social status and geographical locations, we make this world of ours as a better place to live.

It is not yet late to make a legacy to etch in time and space for the next generations to follow and be inspired of. Be A Volunteer!

Prince Heinrich FitzGerald

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